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  • If I am saved am I going in the Rapture?
  • Can you be saved after the Rapture?
  • Are there second chances after the Rapture?
    Viewpoint: You must be saved on this side of the Rapture.
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    The Study : Pre-Tribulation Rapture Already In Progress?

    ...the Rapture is a three step process according to I Thes. 4:13-18.
    1. The Shout being a message to turn the hearts of the children (last day Christians) to the fathers (apostolic). [Malachi 4:5-6 John the Baptist fulfilled the ... turning of the hearts of the fathers (old covenant) to the children (new covenant) not the children to the fathers.] Therefore, the Rapture has already started and will be completed with the
    2. Voice of the Resurrection and the
    3. Trump which calls them to the feast in the sky also called the Wedding Supper.
    The Rapture has started. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapture

    Rapture Ready or Not? The Rapture has started. Shout Voice Trump. Raptureready. William Branham
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    Are you Rapture Ready or not? The Rapture of the Church has started. Sign of the endtimes alert is not a false idea. News shows the endtime is here and the Lord Jesus Christ has started His descending. William Branham teaches. It is not a theory or guess to see the taking away of the Bride of Christ. We must be Rapture ready.com learn what the Bible and prophecy says. For Raptureready.com opens many thoughts on the rapture. To be rapture ready is key to the rapture.

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