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Is the Bride better than everyone else?

Absolutely not. There is nothing greater for lost humanity than salvation.

Just as God chose different individuals or nations for a specific work throughout the Old Testament, so has He chosen individuals, collectively known as the Bride, for a specific work.

Thus, the Bride has a much stricter walk. For She must be The Word.

God in the Old Testament spoke out His Word. Certain parts of that Word were quickened, or made alive, in the proper season. This is sometimes called prophecy. Sometimes is just looks like a comment but later it literally becomes flesh when a human becomes that Word.

Likewise, in the New Testament, God spoke His Word, and eventhough It has been written for 2000 years, much of it is now being made manifest in flesh.

Throughout the past 2000 years there have been people who have become parts of that Word in the proper season. When God quickens part of His Word, a group of people as individuals will receive that quickened Word and actually become It in flesh.

One most obvious example is the Scripture "The just shall live by faith." It lay in the New Testament for nearly 1500 years. It was quickened in the Apostolic days, which was the church of believers just after Pentecost. Then it slowly became of no effect until it finally had become non-effective to the church as a whole in the christian dark ages.

Then one day It was quickened again to Martin Luther. He began to preach It and since it was the right season, God was able to anoint it and the people were also able to receive It by quickened revelation.

Holiness as taught in the New Testament was quickened 200 years later through John Wesley.

God was restoring back the whole Word and council of God just as It was in the first church of the Apostles.

The group of individuals who received these quickened Words throughout the past 2000 years are the group the Bible calls BRIDE.

The original Lutherans, as history calls them, were persecuted and the very Word they believed purged them into true Christians.

The original Wesleyans were persecuted, (unfortunately many times by false Lutherans) and the Word given in that day purged them into true Christians.

The pattern continued through the early 1900's and the restoration of the gifts to the church as a whole, through individuals. This group of individuals was also persecuted, many times by false Wesleyans, and purged by this restored Word, making them into true Christians.

Bride Christians must allow themselves to walk through 'purgatory' now, which prepares them while they are living in this world, to be purged and made ready to judge in the next world.

It is a calling.

Today, all of the Word has been quickened and the group of individuals which are the Bride today, are required by Jesus Christ to become all of the Word. He is the Word as Groom. They must be all of the Word which is associated to being Bride. Groom and Bride. Word and Word.

She seems very odd to this world and to the modern christian world. However, she has received the great gift of Salvation. She has also received the calling for a future work. She must have His Character for this work.

In the millennium She will reign over those who never heard the Gospel. In the millennium she will reign with Jesus Christ over the earth and Her (His) Character will keep satan bound a thousand years by a chain of circumstance.

Satan will not be able to manipulate the millennium Kingdom. Why? Because Christ's Bride will enforce the very principles that are now being molded into Her by the true ministry of Christ on earth today.

Secondly, she will sit with Jesus Christ in the Throne of judgement at the White Throne Judgement.

She is called to be the Word as a witness.

The 'Shout' of the Rapture is now preparing her just as Esther was raised up for the sake of saving others.

Without this called out group called Bride, who is the living Word, there would be no witness because mankind had already destroyed the effects of the Word in the dark ages of christianity.

But God said "I will restore ALL" that was destroyed. And He God, Jesus Christ, has kept His Word.

  • The Rapture begins with the Shout of the completely restored and quickened Word of Jesus Christ in our day being made flesh in a group of individuals.
  • This group of individuals is part of that Bride created since Jesus Christ of Calvary to today.
  • This group is not better than anyone else, but she is called to a special calling.
  • This calling requires her to be all of the Word written for a restored apostolic Bride.
  • She is purged by that Word now, becomes It in flesh and receives the Character of Christ It produces.
  • Her kingdom is not this current world order, but She is being prepared for the millennium Kingdom and the White Throne Judgement.
  • She did not call herself or choose herself for this. She was elected, chosen, and foreordainded by Jesus Christ to be His Bride. A standard of His Word.
  • She is not better. She is simply called, her destiny predetermined. Predestinated by His Foreknowledge and Grace to all humanity.
  • She must accept her call and prepare. The Shout is here. She prepares for the Voice and Trump. Then the Rapture is completed.
  • Salvation is to whosoever will. There is nothing better.

    Are you truly saved? If you stand at the White Throne Judgement will you be separated as righteous or unrighteous?
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    Are you RaptureReady or not? The Scripture to Rapture of the Bride Church has started. According to the Bible Scripture, You must be saved to be rapture ready before the Rapture. William Marrion Branham teaches Bride and pre-tribulation Rapture in the Scripture. We must be Rapture learn what the Bible and prophecy says. For opens many thoughts on salvation rapture. To be rapture ready is key to the rapture or the body change and Bride according to Bible Scripture.

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